2016 ART TAIPEI – 유진갤러리



VIP Preview:
Fri, Nov 11th 15:00PM – 21:00PM

Public Opening:
Nov 12th – 15th 11:00AM-19:00PM

Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1 (No.5 Sec 5, Xinyi Rd., Taipei Taiwan)

eugenegallery@hanmail.net / T.+82 23443 1396

Instagram: Eugene Gallery _Official

Artists :
문범 (MOON BEOM), 이재삼 (LEE JAESAM), 김재용 (Jae Yong Kim)

Moon Beom

The artist begins with a monochrome surface using an acrylic pigment. Moon Beom’s work is inspired by the artist’s contemplation on the art of painting. The scenes depicted on the canvas are mere traces of oil pigment applied by the artist’s hands with different speed and pressure. Through endless repetition of this process, the artist examines the dynamic relationship between the canvas and his inner nature. Moon’s primary artistic interest is not concerned with expressing or representing reality, but with transferring his emotional and physical constitution to the painting itself. Moon Beom currently lives and works in Seoul. His work has been reviewed in Art in America, Artforum, Tema Celeste, Art Press and Sculpture. His artwork is included in the 2013 publication.

Jaesam Lee

Artist Jae sam lee is one of the leading artist in Korea and he was named Best Korean Artists of the year. His artworks are resting in National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Seoul Museum of Art.
Artist Jae Sam Lee captures the scenery of the moonlit trees, forests, and waterfalls using charcoal.
He expresses oriental beauty through his works. He does not aim to emphasize the visible objects of the scenery, but rather on capturing the stillness of the spaces in between these objects. His works are even more esoteric because he focuses on the natural landscape of the night. Forests and trees seem to stretch out into the deep black spaces, rendering the moonlight a mysterious manifestation. The smeared charcoal on the canvas contains the artist’s mind and soul, and with it he expresses the moon’s sound, energy, and scent.
He is actively doing work internationally stage such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany art fair and has many collectors.

목탄으로 달빛이 비친 나무, 숲 그리고 폭포의 정경을 화폭에 담는다. 그가 주목하는 것은 숲으로 이루어진 사물
그 자체가 아니라 사물과 사물 사이의 고유한 형상에 대한 그 넘어가 만들어내는 적막함이다.
그의 작품은 어두운 공간 속의 자연과 비경을 품고 있어 더욱 신비롭다. 숲과 나무는 깊고 어두운 공간에서
기지개를 켜는 듯 펼쳐져 있으며 달빛은 신비한 존재임을 드러낸다. 그는 달빛소리, 달빛 기운, 달빛의 향기를
목탄으로 표현하며 캔버스에 부딪쳐 으스러지는 목탄가루에는 그의 정신과 혼이 묻어난다.

Jae Yong KIM

Artist, Kim Jae Yong is graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, MI) which is the world best University of Ceramic. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions at the Hunterdon Art Museum and NY Lyons Wier Gallery. He is actively doing work internationally stage such as Art Fair Tokyo, Art Taipei and Basel Art Fair in Switzerland and also had numerous exhibitions. His artwork of 100 donuts caught the public’s attention when it was exhibited at the Donald Trump Foundation.

He is currently one of the most rising artists in New York. During his stay in New York, he started to show interest in symbols of consumption and expressed many different stories of human, dreams, ideals and goals on these donuts. In response to modern society’s thirst for sensation and temptation.
Jae yong kim has watered this thirst through the use of his splendid donuts.
Every donut is unique and you can pick you donuts and display whatever you like as you pick your donuts you want to eat.