2015 Art Taipei – 유진갤러리

2015 Art Taipei

[2015 Art Taipei]

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Exhibition Date : VIP Preview : Thursday, October 29th
Public Opening : Friday, October 30th
Opening Hours : 11 am – 7 pm (Till 6 pm on Monday, November 2nd
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall One NO.5, Hsin-Yi Rd., Sec 5, Taipei City 11011, Taiwan
Inquiry : eugenegallery@hanmail.net / T.+82 23443 1396 / Instagram: eugenegallery, kooeunji
Artists :
U Fan Lee(이우환), Tschang Yeul Kim (김창열), Yoshitomo Nara (요시토모 나라),
Jeremey Holmes(제레미 홈스), 곽철(Gwag, Chul), 김재용(Kim, Jae Yong),
양종용 (Yang, Jong Yong), 오흥배 (Oh, Heung Bae),정유진 (Eugene. J), 천유준 (Cheon, Yu Jun)

U Fan Lee

U Fan Lee is the founder of the Japan’s innovative painting movement, Monopa and internationally known as a minimalist painter expressing Eastern ideas. He has held solo exhibitions at the world’s major museums such Jeu de Paume, Paris and New York’s Gugenheim Museum, and showcased ‘Lee Ufan Versailles’ exhibition at the Palace of Versailles last year. He is actively doing work in the prestigious stage such as Paris Biennale, San Paulo Biennale and Kassel Documenta and sold out his artwork at the London Frieze Art fair in 2015.

Tschang Yeul Kim

Tschang Yeul Kim is a well known artist internationally. He started the water drop work since the 70’s. After finishing his studies in New York, he settled in France, held solo and international exhibitions throughout countries like US and Japan and came into the spotlight by drawings of literary realism. His artwork gain massive popularity when it was selling at the highest price among active artists at the art fairs and auctions. In 1996, he has received France’s highest Cultural Medal and firmly validated his position as a modern artist in 2004 when he held an invitation exhibition at the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paumein France.

Jeremey Holmes

Holmes’ work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Germany. His permanent installations include those at the Foothills Performing Art Center Commission in Oneonta, New York; the offices of Holland & Knight, Washington D.C.; and One Madison, East 22nd Street, Manhattan, New York. In 2011, Holmes was named the CAP Fellowship Award Winner for Tompkins County in Ithaca, New York. In 2008, he was named the Wingate Fellowship Award Winner.

Gwag, Chul

Artist Gwag Chul is a Korean Young Artist who is working actively in Korea and New York.
The super realistic and detailed description of human body representation is how this Artist expresses his philosophy of female heroes. He also uses techniques to put layers on the sculpture.
He emphasizes on Women’s beauty and their inner heroes, who can also communicate to the mass by using Public Brands. His Art work has been displayed at N.Y. Waterfall Gallery and he has another exhibition to be opened in LA LACLA Museum.
His Artwork already has gained much attention and spotlight by displaying Breeze Girl in Taipei last year. This was one of the signature collaboration works with Breeze Department Store in Taipei.

Kim, Jae Yong

Artist, Kim Jae Yong is a graduate from Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hills, MI) and had numerous solo and group exhibitions at the University Gallery, New Space Gallery and New York waterfall gallery. His artwork of 100 donuts caught the public’s attention when it was exhibited at the Donald Trump Foundation and he is currently one of the most highlighted artists in New York. During his stay in New York, he started to show interest in symbols of consumption and expressed many different stories of human, dreams, ideals and goals on these donuts.

Yang, Jong Yong

Artist Yang, Jong Yong expresses nature by moss.
His work is based on the coexistence of nature and man-made objects.
He entered his works in the Singapore Art Fair, Hong Kong Art Fair and Tokyo Art Fair. He has won many domestic awards and he is considered as one of the most promising Young Artists in current Korean Contemporary Art Scene. At the Tokyo Art Fair, all of his artworks were sold out which means he received the most attention there.

Oh, Heung Bae

Oh, Heung Bae is a well known Korean artist for hyper realism. He won an award as ‘Think Art Korea’. His artwork is kept at the Korea’s famous ‘Seoul Museum of Art.’ He is an artist who expresses fading flowers rather than blossoming.

Eugene. J

The Artwork of Artist Eugene Jung received the most attention from the Tokyo Art Fair.
The artist expresses the moment of feeling using various colors.
The most works of Eugene Jung are paintings but these days she is focusing on the ceramic work too.
Now Artist Eugene Jung is also preparing collaborating works with enterprises (company).[Painting] I use mixture of base colors to create my own and putting layers of colors shows my different levels of joy, happiness and ecstasy.
Basic colors represents the reality and the layers of color, overlapped brush strokes, scratched, penetrated and stitched colors represent the message of hope and desire. [The Beginning of love] The cross symbolizes eternal love not in religious way but as a symbol we encounter in every life.
Even she used different methods but actually she wants to express the same as stone series.[Stone series] The stone series represents the minimized nature.
She wanted to express nature with stone which is nature’s strongest and spiritual material so put on her art work.

Cheon, Yu Jun

Cheon Yu Jun is an emerging young artist in Korea and it’s his first time to participate in overseas art air. He combined elements of sky, buildings and cube and makes them into a new space that exemplifies infinite space. He is an artist who is noteworthy for his excellent sense not only in photography but also for his film image work